OpenPnP is available for download for Mac, Windows and Linux. There are two versions available: OpenPnP 2.0 and OpenPnP 1.0. We recommend OpenPnp 2.0 for most users.

OpenPnP 2.0 is built continuously. It contains the latest features but may also contain new bugs. An archive of previous versions is available below.

OpenPnP 1.0 is a legacy version of OpenPnP and is not recommended for new installations. It is only updated with critical bug fixes.

While your download finishes, why not have a look at the Quick Start Guide to get the ball rolling?

OpenPnP 2.0 (Recommended) OpenPnP 1.0 (Legacy)
Mac OS X Universal Universal
Windows 32 bit64 bit 32 bit64 bit
All Downloads Archives Not Available

If you have been asked to test a feature in the test branch, please visit the Test Downloads.