A list of official OpenPnP designs and community contributed hardware that is OpenPnP compatible. If you would like your design featured here, please email jason@vonnieda.org.

If you are just getting started, take a look at the What Should I Build page to see current recommendations.


OpenPnP OpenBuilds by OpenPnP – An OpenPnP machine reference design based on OpenBuilds linear motion hardware and 3D printed parts.

DIY Pick and Place by Teton Technology – An Open Source DIY cartesian PnP machine using Rails / Carriages for high speed and accurate part placement.

Zeva 460 Retrofit by Daniel Dumitru – Documentation on adapting a Zeva 460 Pick and Place to use OpenPnP.

LitePlacer by Juha Kuusama – “The Low Cost Prototype Builder’s Pick and Place Machine”. To use OpenPnP software with LitePlacer hardware, see the wiki page.

QiHe TVM920 Documentation and driver for running the TVM920 with OpenPnP.

Pick and Place Machine by Richard Klingler

PixiePlacer – Dual Head PnP Machine See Wiki for Assembly Instructions & Videos, BOM, STLs, STEP Files, Marlin and OpenPnP Setup

Pandaplacer – Affordable desktop pick and place machine DIY kit under $1000

Motion Controllers

Please see the Motion Controllers Wiki for help in choosing an OpenPnP compatible motion controller for your pick and place.


BlindsFeeder by Mark Maker – A step up from the ReferenceStripFeeder, this light 3D-printed feeder can hold and reload cut pieces of SMT tape and protect the parts using a sliding cover. The cover can be opened/closed automatically by the nozzle tip.

PushPullFeeder by Mark Maker – An all-3D-printed tape-on-reel feeder actuated by the nozzle or another motion actuator on the machine’s head.

3D Printed Automatic Feeder Allowing for Embossed Tapes by Michael – A 3D printed, full auto feeder with Arduino controller and shield.

OpenFeeder by William Hare – An Open Source, adjustable tape feeder.

Strip Feeders and Modular Tray by Malte Randt – A customizable, modular strip feeder set with magnetic fixtures.

3D Printable Semi Auto Feeder by alexavr2 – A 3D printed, head actuated auto feeder.

Rooibos 3D Printed Drag Feeder by Reiner – A 3D printed, manual drag feeder.

3D Printed Full Auto Feeder by Morteza – A 3D printed, full auto feeder using hobby servos.

Mica Feeder by Pham Thang – Automatic SMT tape feeder using small DC gear motors.

Easy PnP Feeder An autofeeder that detects when a part has been removed, and advances the tape ready for the next pickup so no controller is required. Sold as a kit with optional 3D-printed parts. Doesn’t appear to be open source: STLs for the parts are provided once a kit has been purchased.

MAX Feeder by Curly Tale Games – Inspired by the MGRL0816 feeder but totally redesigned. All design files are provided and there is also a matching controller shield design.


ICEpick Direct Drive Head by Peter Betz – A dual nozzle, rack and a pinion based head designed to complement Teton Technology’s DIY Pick and Place.

Quick Change Juki Nozzle Holders by Peter Betz and Mark Harris – Open Source, high tolerance Juki nozzle holders.

Friction Fit Quick Change Juki Nozzle Holders by Deltaprintr


T-962 Oven Open Source Firmware by Unified Engineering – Open Source firmware improvements for the inexpensive T-962 reflow oven.


RobotDigg sells a variety of pick and place specific hardware such as heads, nozzles, and feeders along with lots of general robotics and CNC equipment.

microsmt sells a variety of pick and place and OpenPnP specific hardware.